Swervedriver (Playing Raise & Mezcal Head)

Swervedriver (playing Raise & Mezcal Head)

Bi Nuu Berlin

Doors 20:00 Show Start 20:30
An evening with Swervedriver.
The band will be playing two sets – 1st set playing Raise (1st Record) and the second set playing Mezcal Head (2nd Record),
plus other hits in the encore!
The band - comprising Adam Franklin, Jimmy Hartridge, Mikey Jones and Ben Ellis from Iggy Pop's band (standing in for the on-sabbatical Mick Quinn) -
The show will comprise of two sets with psychedelic interlude. Swervedriver's sixth album Remembering Forward is set to be released later in 2018.
Strap in, it’s gonna be quite a ride!

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