Dirty Stuff Night

Dirty Stuff Night

Luzztro Warszawa

Dirty Stuff Records powraca do Luzztra i przejmuje Czarna Sale! Tej nocy naszym gosciem specjalnym bedzie Bari - Techno Gang z Słowacji a wspierac go beda: piekna i utalentowana Shari Vari i FM z Łodzi oraz prowodyr calego zamiesznia Siasia, wraz ze swoim kompanem Dark Moon aka Hoodlum - ktory tej nocy zaprezentuje
swoje dwa rozne oblicza muzyczne. Zapraszamy!

Bari (Techno Gang/Bratysława/SK)
Shari Vari (Dirty Stuff Records/Łódź)
FM (Łódź)
Siasia (Dirty Stuff Records/Katowice)
Dark Moon aka Hoodlum (Dirty Stuff Records/Katowice)


When you discover your passion for music, it will devour you. It will become part of your DNA. The mosaic of your life is made up of euphoria from music as well as feedback from fans. Whatever happens, it will not deter you from working and creating value for the scene.

The passion, which he discovered when he was 11 years old holds him up to now! It reflects the honest work and talent that naturally didn't take long to wait for. The winner of several DJ contests and victory in Best DJ SK/CZ contest in 2010 has started an even higher appetite for work. Since then, he has organized over 80 events with a colourful international cast, which have a significant place on the Slovak scene.

The main focus of his effort is the Techno Gang party, which is, thanks to the tireless and first-class cooperation with his friend Filip, more and more heard of about beyond the borders of Slovakia. The catacombs under the Bratislava castle known as the Subclub have become Techno Gang's house and foreign names like Matt Mus, Steam Shape, Darmec or Stigmata have so far accepted invitations. Faith in the DJ's craft and the will to create value for the scene are foot on accelerator to create always braver promoter programs. In his musical style, Bari has a very rich outlook and a clearly profiled sound. Surgicaly accurate mixes are not achieved thanks to digital technologies, but only thanks to the experience and the exercised hearing from his childhood. The distinctive handwriting of his sets are always high-octane, energetic and dynamic, that do not know any compromise. His performances blast a big dose of energy, playfulness, originality and joy from music.

When you say Bari, you have techno in mind. The loyalty to this style has been displayed for more than 17 years on the music scene and he definitely won't stop that soon. As a promoter, DJ and producer, he has many challenges ahead of him, which constantly push him forward and that's why we will hear a lot more about Bari.

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